5 Times You Need an Expert Coin Appraiser

For the change in your pocket, all you need to do is look at the coin to know how much it’s worth. But there are many coins that are worth far, far more than their face value, and you need an AZ private coin appraisal to let you know exactly how much they are worth. Yes, you can look up information online or in books, but only an AZ expert coin appraiser can evaluate the true worth of the coin based on its many unique factors (which cannot be accounted for by books).

5 Times You Need an Expert Coin Appraiser

Here are just five times that you would be best served by an Arizona expert coin appraiser:

1. Buying Coins Online

bu rare coins onlineYou can buy rare coins online or at local shops and trade shows. When you are shopping online, you are relying on the information provided by the retailer (or the owner when you shop through an auction site or secondhand marketplace). Typically, a coin appraiser will need to see the coins in person to properly evaluate them, but the appraiser can tell a lot about the coins even by looking at pictures online. The appraiser should be able to tell you if the price being asked if appropriate. Just make sure there is a warranty or a return policy in case you have any surprises when the coins arrive.

2. Selling a Coin Collection

selling coins onlineYou can sell your coins online or to local vendors. But before you put your coins up for auction or bring them in for an offer, you need to know what they are worth. Otherwise, you are vulnerable to being taken advantage of or to underselling your coins. Getting an AZ private coin appraisal before you sell your coins will ensure that you are getting what the coins are worth.

Consider the appraisal an investment. Without it, you might not get the return you deserve. By not spending the money for the appraisal, you could end up costing yourself money.

3. Inheriting Coins

Inheriting a rare coin collectionYou could inherit a coin collection from a loved one but not know anything at all about coins. You might immediately see dollar signs and imagine that your new collection is worth thousands. But you might discover that the coins aren’t worth much more than their face value.

The only way to know for sure what you have is to get a private coin appraisal. Even if you don’t plan to sell the coins, it is important that you know what you have. If you find out you have a very valuable coin collection, you can get the appropriate insurance to protect your inheritance.

4. Identifying Rare Coins

identify a rare coinSometimes, you can just tell that a coin you’ve found or been given is a little different. Maybe you get a coin in something you bought at a yard sale or thrift shop and you want to know if it’s worth anything. It could be a relatively common coin in the world of coin collection, or it could be a rare coin that you’ve luckily discovered.

Again, the only way to know for certain is to consult with an appraiser. You’ll quickly find out if you have a hidden gem or just another piece of coal.

5. Valuing an Estate

When a loved one passes, you and other family members may have the job of closing the estate. If your loved one was a coin collector, that should include getting a proper appraisal of the coins. The collection can add significantly to the value of the estate, depending on the size of the collection and the coins that are included in it.

An appraisal is especially important if there is any dispute over how the estate is being divided monetarily.

A private coin appraisal is valuable whether you are looking to buy coins online, sell your collection, or just get an understanding of what kind of value your coins have or the coins you have inherited have. Anytime there is a question of worth, talk to an appraiser to get the truth.

Arrowhead Coin and Jewelry has a reputation as being one of the best coin appraisers. We offer a private coin appraisal for anyone who needs it. We serve customers throughout Arizona, and you can visit us online or call us to schedule an appointment.

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