Financing Dental Work With Gold And Silver

Oftentimes, buyers of Gold and Silver find themselves in a position where they may need cash for a medical procedure, specifically a dental procedure. As many of us know, dental insurance typically does not cover the full cost of many of the more expensive procedures, such as Arrowhead implants, Arrowhead braces, wisdom teeth and more. This leaves a lot of people needing to come up with money out of pocket to get their dental work done.

financing dental work with gold and silver

Of course, there are many options for getting this cash. If you are a parent, you may be able to have a health savings vehicle that allows you to withdraw money for things like this. If you have a health savings that allows dental, then this might be a great way to funnel that cash for the procedure. Another good option is to look at your precious metals holdings.

Different Ways To Use Your Precious Metals For Dentist Bills

Option number one, of course, is to sell your metals. This always requires careful analysis by any metals investor. How does that investor feel about the spot price – will they exit their position with a good profit, is the timing good to take profits and spend on medical?

Another option is to use your metals as a way to secure financing. You can use the precious metals as collateral against a loan. This can work out well – if you take a loan on gold at $1000, and then gold falls to $500, you can then reinvest the loan into gold, doubling your holdings, and when it goes back up your money had doubled. Similarly, you can use your loan to pay for dental work, and then repay it, so that your precious metals can be used most productively.

Making The Decision To Finance Dental Or Not

investing dental work with silver and goldIf you need dental work, it is definitely recommended that you not put it off. Forestalling some medical procedures like root canals, implants, cavities and more, can lead to serious issues down the line which can be a lot more costly than the original work specified by your Glendale or Arrowhead Dentist. There are other options for financing of course:

Ways To Borrow For Dental Work

– You can take a traditional loan from a bank, if your credit is good enough.
– If you do not want to put your gold or jewels down for a loan, you might consider pawning some items to secure a loan, such as guns and construction equipment.
– You can seek a title loan, if that make sense for your situation.
– Some dentists have their own financing, and that can be an option for many borrowers.

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