Gold Au $2387.69 $5.49
Silver Ag $28.82 $-0.08
Platinum Pt $969.55 $-4.17
Palladium Pd $1028.50 $-8.19
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Buying & Selling Coins with Arrowhead Coin & Jewelry

Arrowhead Coin & Jewelry truly has an immense collection of U.S. coins. So whether you are looking to buy that one rare coin that will bring your collection to the next level or wanting to sell everything you have for whatever reason, Arrowhead Coin is the place to go. The selection of Arizona rare coins at Arrowhead Coin is the kind that will appeal to serious collectors and novice ones all the like. We have all of the most popular coins, from a 2003-D State Quarters MS-64 to a 2000-14 Planchet and even a 1932-S Washington Quarter Genuine. These popular coins are always in stock because of Arrowhead Coin’s ability to constantly be active in the market, buying U.S. coins to constantly meet our client’s needs. Or if your collection is looking for something a little bit more rare, like a 1798 Large Eagle VF-30, we always aim to keep our prices industry leading low so you can add more coins quicker.

Ultimately, if the coin you are looking to buy lands somewhere in between, the highly experienced staff at Arrowhead Coin will always find what you just need to add to your respective collection. In addition, if in the off chance that the U.S. coin you are looking for isn’t in our Glendale coin shop, the contacts and experience that the owner, Jeff Wuller, has will ensure that your rare U.S. coin can be found and offered to you for a price that keeps more money in your pocket and more for your Phoenix collection.

The same can be said if you feel it’s time to sell your Arizona coin collection. We understand that your coin collection is unique to you and something that you probably put a lot of years and money into. The owner and staff respect that. So when the time comes that you feel it’s necessary to sell your rare U.S. coins, Arrowhead Coin will ensure that you get an industry leading offer for your U.S. coin collection. But why should you consider selling your valuable collection to our coin shop?

  • Many years of numismatic experience
  • American Numismatic Association member
  • The staff at Arrowhead Coin have had training in Coin Grading and Altered Coin Detection. This allows us to keep offering the highest prices in the Glendale and North Phoenix area
  • Substantial financial resources
  • Industry clout that allows us to offer sellers the most for their collection
  • A huge amount of experience
  • You can visit our Glendale location and receive a check in the same day
  • Ability to use our safe and secure mail-in-method

If you’re in the Phoenix area or looking to buy/sell coins online in AZ, Arrowhead Coin & Jewelry can do business with you. We typically service the North Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria communities but often do business online and have people all over the state of Arizona buy from our rare coin shop or sell their coin collections to us for the highest prices possible. We also will fly anywhere in the U.S. to take a look at a large collection. Plus, our safe and secure mail-in method also makes sure that you receive your check as quickly as possible.

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