Gold Au $2322.25 $-38.54
Silver Ag $29.55 $-1.18
Platinum Pt $995.65 $7.43
Palladium Pd $961.20 $14.03
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Selling to us

Why sell your coins to us?

  • Sell where the dealers sell. 85% of our purchases are from other dealers. Many of them buy the coins they sell us from people just like you
  • Benefit from Jeff Wuller’s years of numismatic experience. He is a member of the American Numismatic Association with extensive training in Coin Grading and Altered Coin Detection.
  • With substantial financial resources and industry clout, Jeff Wuller is an active and major buyer of virtually all US coins and Currency. Our extensive contacts throughout the dealer, collector, and investor community combined with our uncommon level of expertise enable us to pay prices that you will be satisfied with.
  • No hype, no games; just send us your coins for an instant offer and an immediate check, or if you prefer, we’ll gladly take your coins in trade or consignment. If you live in our area, or plan on visiting the greater Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale area, we can appraise your coins and carry out the transaction in person.

As a full-service dealer — obviously we sell coins… but we also offer many options for disposing of your coins, including direct Phoenix coin purchase, consignment, and auction. We attend many major auctions and can represent you in evaluating and bidding on coins that may be of interest. We’re also available for consultation on building your collection and can help you appraise your collection. We also maintain a want-list file to help find the coins you’re looking for. Please let us know your needs. Many of the rare dates never make it to our retail listings.

When you enlist our help in selling your valuable coins you’ll know that they are being marketed at full retail price, not marketed/available to our wholesale dealers. And our knowledge of the market for rare 19th century coins means that full retail will be the true value of the coins, not just the price indicated by the Gray Sheets or Trends.

Also note that it may take a little longer than many dealers to arrive at a price for many coins, because we attribute and evaluate all the varieties. This may slow the sale by a day or so, but it gets you the top dollar for your Arizona coins. Some of the varieties are worth many times what their non-variety counterparts are worth

1. Direct Sell

We can buy your AZ coins directly. Our buy prices on direct sales are very competitive and we will pay top dollar for key dates, rare/more desirable coins.

2. Consignment

We can accept your coins on consignment. These sales take a little longer, but the return to you is greater. Our consignment fees are as follows:

  • For coins less than $250 : 15% of the sale price
  • For coins $251-and up : 10% of the sale price

Due to the time and effort involved in marketing your coins, please limit consignments to coins that are worth at least $100 each.

Prior to our listing your coins, we’ll agree on a minimum return to you for each coin. Our listing price will return you at least 5-15% more than your minimum, but the minimum will also give us the latitude to accept offers received at coin shows or through the mail.

3. Auction

We can help you auction your coins. We have good working relationships with most of the major auction houses and can advise you on what coins are best auctioned and who the best house would be for each coin. The fee for this service is minimal, 2-5% of the auction hammer price, depending on the size of your holdings.

Selling Bullion

Arrowhead Coin & Jewelry LLC can offer you competitive pricing on all of your gold, silver, platinum or palladium bars or coins. Just contact us to make an appointment, and after authenticating your items we can buy your items at that time. Prices for different bars and coins are determined by the market spot price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium, which are updated once per minute on our site.

The market demand for particular bars or coins will also affect the price you receive relative to the spot price. Some items, which are easily re-marketable to other consumers will command a higher price than items that, under some conditions, may need to be sent to refiners to be melted. For the most part, most bullion items can be resold so the price should be relatively close to the spot price of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, depending upon the underlying precious metal in the item you bring in to sell. For a more accurate quote, please give us a call at 623-986-1151.

Selling Numismatic Coins

Arrowhead Coin & Jewelry LLC can also buy any older “numismatic” coins from you. These coins, in addition to having value for their underlying gold or silver content, may have additional “collectible” value, referred to as numismatic value. Most old gold and silver coins are considered “common date” which means the amount of value they have above the underlying gold or silver bullion value is very minimal. However, there are coins that can carry 100s or 1000s of dollars of numismatic value. So please contact us for an appointment to view your old gold coins and we will be happy to analyze them and make you an offer.  We make house calls, bank calls or can meet at your attorney or fiduciary offices as well.  

Sell Gold or other Precious Metal scrap.

Transparency, Pricing, Discretion

We utilize expert electronic assaying equipment to determine the purity of the metal type. Only Arrowhead Coin & Jewelry LLC  provides the most accurate assessment of your items’ metal content thereby giving you the highest amount of money when selling gold, silver or other unwanted precious metals. These are the types of common items we buy:

  • Jewelry– Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium.
  • Silverware– Flatware, hollowware, service sets, candlesticks, etc.
  • Dental Gold– Got old fillings made of gold? We will buy them. Please remove any ceramic or tooth materials before bringing them to us
  • Industrial Precious Metals– Gold or silver. If we can test it for purity, we can buy it.