Gold Au $2386.90 $19.09
Silver Ag $28.40 $0.16
Platinum Pt $944.85 $2.27
Palladium Pd $1030.30 $-1.03
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Buying and Selling Silver in Arizona with Arrowhead Coin & Jewelry

There is so much to say about silver. It truly is one of those beautiful precious metals that has numerous uses and a value riding on it as well. At Arrowhead Coin & Jewelry we have a great collection of Silver Eagle bullion coins, bullion silver, and other various silver coins. What makes Silver Eagles so unique is that they have a certain versatility about them. They are guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. They have a nominal value, which means you can spend them. These Silver Eagles bullion coins can even be used to fund IRA accounts to prepare somebody for retirement. But most often they are added for collections, like ours at Arrowhead Coin. The owner of Arrowhead Coin, Jeff Wuller, is ANA trained on Advanced Coin Grading, and Counterfeit & Altered Coin Detection. This means you have an expert at Arrowhead Coin who is on your side ensuring that when you buy a valuable silver coin, or piece of silver from us, you know that you’re getting a high quality, genuine coin, that isn’t a fraud, but instead a coin you can be proud is apart of your collection.

In the Phoenix metro area we will also buy these Silver Eagle coins for cash as we are always looking to add to our collection. Of course we always pay more than fair prices for you to sell your AZ silver to Arrowhead Coin. So if you’re needing cash you can always turn in your Silver Eagles at our store in Glendale, receive an offer right away, and be on your way.

Arrowhead Coin also knows that the value of silver can fluctuate from day to day. So the professional staff and well experienced owner continually check spot prices (the current market value of silver) to ensure that you always get the most cash for your silver. Keep in mind as well that there are many different kinds of silver. Which is why you need to trust your local experts at Arrowhead Coin. We serve the entire Valley but if you are in the Glendale or Peoria or North Phoenix areas you should rely upon us when you need to sell your silver. Our trusted Arizona coin shop is conveniently located near the northwest corner of the Loop 101 so visiting us is easy to do. This way when you bring in your silver to sell you can know what kind of silver bullion it is and not get scammed into thinking it’s of a lower quality than it really is. With this peace of mind and market fair offers for your silver, you can leave our coin shop knowing you absolutely got the most cash for your silver collection.